About Us

We have had an interest in tattooo designs for many years now. We believe that as a tattoo is for life, then it is important to select the right design for you. The challenge is finding one that suits. That's where we come in.

We have been providing people who are looking to buy a tattoo with access to a database of over 5ooo designs. With such a large selection, it is likely that people will find something that meets their needs. Even if they don't, they can find something close, download and print the design and then ask their tatto parlour to create something similar. We think it is well worth the effort.

We do not own the database. We simply refer interested people to the service. Please note that we may be paid a commission for any sales that result.

We sincerely hope that this service is of value to people who are considering their first or next tattoo.

Tattoo-designs.com team.


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